The Miracle of True Love


You have come to a website that talks about God’s miracles of true love. Here I share my story and my testimony. Here you will discover what God can do in the life of a person that surrenders him or herself to His superabundant love as I did a few years ago

Here also you can have an advance, a special preview of the book that God commanded me to write: THE MIRACLE OF TRUE LOVE. It is a wonderful, challenging and live-transforming book. Read what some readers have said about it.

Finally, you will be invited to move forward and assume a compromise, a

continue compromise with your fellow humans, with people that are suffering, with persons who need a chance… a compromise with God Almighty. Yes, you will be invited to join the ministry that God is putting in my hands, to put your shoulder to the wheel, to say “Here I am”.

So, Welcome! Visit our web pages at ease, go to the Gallery for some pics, read the testimonies, share your own story or read the book! If you want to contact me, it will be a pleasure to know about you and to hear from you.

Aimée Salas

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