The Miracle of True Love

The Book

She was an ordinary single mom; a beautiful, fun-loving and lively young woman in her late twenties. However at the time when her daughter was almost two, Aimée Salas got some frightfully bad news: there was a large tumor growing in her spine. Doctors told her an operation would be impossible and radio or chemotherapy useless. They gave her six months of life, ending in total paralyzation and dependant on a breathing machine. But when she, in her anguish, finally turned and cried out to God for help, Aimée found peace in her heart. Following her decision to dedicate her life to Jesus, miraculously doors were opened to make treatment and recovery possible.
Now, more than 10 years later, she’s published her biography and testimony of God working ‘The Miracles of True Love’ in her life.

This book relates Aimée’s life from her childhood up to the life changing experience she had when her back was against the wall. Once God started making ways for her to get an operation in the renowned MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston, Texas, her life was turned upside down and inside out. The Miracle of True Love tells of God’s working in even the smallest of details.
Her sickness, later diagnosed as the Von Hippel Lindau syndrome, a type of cancer, turned out to be ‘the best time of my life’, according to Aimée.

Through her book she wants to reach out to others and tell them about the wonderful ways of God. The Miracle of True Love has already touched many lives and brought home the importance for each of us to work on a personal relationship with our Savior.



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